The Childrens Language School

Spass im Englischkurs

Successful language courses since 1996

The Childrens Language Club has been offering courses in foreign languages successfully since 1996 for children from 3 years onwards, for youths and adults in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish. Since the opening of our Language Club we have had more than 4000 children and youths participate in our courses.



Language courses in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish for children and youths

The Childrens Language Club is a club for children aged 3 – 15 years.


Age Groups

The courses take place in age-based small groups of up to a maximum of 10 in a group.


3 year olds on a private basis in play groups or on the basis of Kindergarten
4 – 6 year olds for pre-school aged children on a private basis or on the basis of Kindergarten, Grade School children from Grade I – IV on a private basis or on the basis of Grade School and
Youths up to 15 years of age who are already learning English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, French or German as a foreign language in school and who wish to deepen and intensify their knowledge of everyday communication


Levels of courses

Our teachers possess a complete structural educational course programme for children ages 3 – 15 years.


  • for beginners
  • for children with little knowledge
  • for children with basic knowledge
  • for children with advanced knowledge



This way we can accompany your children in their language course from pre-school to school graduation.


Learning by fun

Learning English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish or German is childs play!


When children are healthy, they play. That goes without saying. When they play, they learn. That also goes without saying. That children can learn foreign languages is an exception though.

Only few parents have the possibility to bring up their children bi-lingual. Most children begin learning a foreign language when it is almost too late. Mostly through books or teachers who also started learning at a later age.

Originally, the Childrens Language Club was founded for the 3 – 15 year olds in order to cover that deficiency. The children play and at the same time learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish or German. Playing and learning: both are done naturally side by side. Vocabulary and grammar structures are developed inconspicuously but at the same time are integrated on the side and prove to be very effective.


We communicate with the children in the languages English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish or German in the form of games, songs, dancing, handicrafts and other fun activities without putting them under pressure to perform The children are in groups of their own age.


One learns languages by moving in the same way as the language and living in the language. Today we know that children benefit from learning a foreign language when they begin to learn in their early years. Because children learn intuitively and not through their intellect. This kind of learning ability ends at the age of 10.


We communicate enjoyment and a necessary portion of self-confidence to the children to articulate themselves in another language. We enhance children linguistically and culturally. We train them in their accent and good pronunciation.


We use modern learning techniques and methods and enhance a relaxing way of learning. The nicest and most important thing is: NO LEARNING UNDER PRESSURE.

Native speakers and qualified teachers

The children learn a colourful fun and games programme in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and correct German under the supervision of educational trained native speakers.


The Childrens Language Club has a group of committed, dedicated and qualified teachers who identify themselves with the Language Club concept and can design the classes accordingly. Often it is important to build up the self-confidence of the pupils in the language course. The foundation for this is the trust between teacher and pupil. When choosing our teachers we pay attention to their technical educational qualifications. After all, our teachers must not only impart their knowledge but they must be capable to communicate lively, motivated and spontaneously.


English classes are held exclusively with native speakers from Great Britain, USA, Canada or Australia. French classes are held with native speakers from France and Spanish classes are held with native speakers from Spain or South America. The teachers who are native speakers in these languages are chosen because of their qualifications and they additionally undergo a training in our learning methods.


The children learn to speak the language, pronounce the words correctly and learn everyday and common phrases in a fun and friendly atmosphere which only native speaker teachers can truly accomplish.


Teacher-Team in Kindersprachclub Berlin

Professional learning methods, with system and structure

The teaching programme and methods have been designed by experienced educators, pediatricians and child psychologists. The outcome of many years of professional work is found in the learning modules. The modules are divided into main subjects:


  • food and beverages
  • home and family
  • body parts, feelings and senses
  • persons and animals
  • time of day, seasons and weather
  • alphabet, numbers and counting
  • travelling, transportation, etc.

Each module contains 10 – 12 lessons.


Each lesson contains around 8 activities which comprise of active and passive games and interchange between active games and quiet games. Each lesson starts with the greeting through games or songs and contain short repetitions of the previous lesson. The pupils learn words and sentences through flashcards and games, small picture stories, role and team games and colouring or doing a handicraft at the end of the lesson which can be taken home by the children.


Special lessons are done on Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Fasching, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, American Independence Day, Groundhog Day, La fete du 14 juillet, La fete de rois, birthdays, etc.


Progress reports for parents and certificates for children: 3 main modules are taught per year and special lessons accordingly. At the end of a module the parents are informed of the contents of the learning module as well as any other important information offered by the Language Club. The children are handed a small certificate and the parents receive a progress report as proof that the module has been completed.

Materials for lessons

Our professional working materials help provide a natural way of learning and awaken the curiosity of the children:

  • variety of learning modules for beginners, for children with basic and advanced knowledge
  • special learning modules with insight to cultures and traditions of different countries
  • picture stories
  • big coloured flashcards
  • worksheets
  • games and handicraft ideas
  • cassettes and CD's
  • songbooks
  • picture boards
  • card games
  • bingo games
  • board games
  • hand puppets (i.e. Willam the snail which is very effective for the toddlers!)



A proven and established learning method

Spass im Englischkurs

Fun and games, friends and trust – that would be putting the Childrens Language concept in a nutshell. Friends and communicating, finding new friends in small learning groups, trusting each other, unknown cultures, all thought through for children. This means:

  1. small groups
  2. native speakers
  3. stress-free teaching methods



Small groups

The groups are anywhere between 4 and 10 children and are their lessons are carried out in a happy and fun way. They learn through role and team games, bingo cards, singing and active games and much more and have the opportunity to come into close contact with the culture and language and become more familiarized with it.


Native speaker teachers

Words and phrases used by the native speakers are not translated but are experienced on all levels. Thanks to the voluntary listening and repetition of listening to our CD's at home, your child can learn grammar in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish or Spanish in a natural way and learn the accent free way of speaking. Communication and fun learning play a major role.


Stress-free teaching methods

Toddlers of Kindergarten ages learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish or German in a fun way. They learn the language through pictures or songs and are taught to speak full sentences in a gentle and easy way. The lessons are designed so that the children can participate actively and passively. The lesson usually ends with the drawing of a picture or a handicraft. Going by the educational aspect, the ending with a picture backs up the learning of what was covered in the previous hour as it will have a reference to what was learned.

The concept used by the Childrens Language Club means learning a language in its whole using positive excercises and acquiring the knowledge through all senses. Visual, auditory and activities give an opportunity to gain a sense of the language which they will benefit from.

Through role and team games and other fun activities youths and older children are also encouraged to express themselves in a foreign language.


Trial lessons

We would like to welcome you to a non-obligatory trial lesson in our Childrens Language Club, or at your childs Kindergarten or Primary School. This way you can see our concept for yourself and discover how much fun your child is having while learning a foreign language through fun and games.


The children enjoy coming to our classes. Through our working method we can give the children a good foundation of a language and at the same time let them enjoy themselves while they are learning.




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