Welcome to Childrens Language School (Kindersprachclub)

Learn languages through fun and games

English, French, Spanish, Italian, German ans Turkish courses for children and youths

The Kindersprachclub is a language school where children between the ages of 3 and 15 years learn the languages

in a fun way. Courses are being offered for these children in all 6 languages.


"You can't teach a dog old tricks"


Languages are a marvel of nature. We acquire the art of learning languages like a spider does the art of weaving a web. Small children copy sounds they hear and subconsciously possess grammar skills at age five which are more complex than are displayed in a textbook.

Steven Pinker, Cognition Scientistat MIT in Boston

English class with fun
Languages for chidren

Regular courses from 4th May 2020                                                                  and Summer holiday courses from June to August 2020

Summer Holiday courses in June-July-August in Kindersprachclub Berlin


All Summer holiday courses take place from 29th June to 21st August 2020 on a weekly basis.


There are still places available.


10 € discount for each child and for each class until 31th May 2020.


To the online registration form, please click here.

How to find the Kindersprachclub

Kartenausschnitt Rastatt

Phone Berlin

Information & Administration +49 (0) 30 893 56 66

Location Berlin +49 (0) 30 93 93 20 99



Phone Rastatt

Location / Info. & Administration +49 (0) 7222 93 50 50

Fax Rastatt +49 (0) 7222 93 54 55



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